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Long Road

Let us walk your Journey with you!

Welcome!! Yes you are at the Early Onset Dementia Alberta Foundation Website!!

We have decided that we needed to do a little bit of revamping, we are hoping everyone will be patient and continue to check back. We have some exciting things coming. 

I can tell you that we do have a conference brewing, so you want to check back for dates and the great things we have happening with that. Who doesn't like a little game of golf? Well please come back and find out when our first EODAF Golf Tournament is!

We also want you to meet some of our new board members, and of course the members that have made EODAF this wonderful place to come and find the information you need.

Our founder Bernie Travis, wanted to be the hub, the place that would reach out and help you when you were in need of information in the worst parts of your journey. We are here, we are ready, and we are going to help walk that Journey with you!

Keep checking back we are working to get back here as quick as we can. 

Cheers & Tender Hugs

EODAF would like to take this time to give a very special Thank you to Jody McCoppen for her years of dedication and hard work she has volunteered to the foundation. We hope you lots of relaxation and time to rejuvenate both you and your family. Your time with us will greatly be missed! The EODAF Family.

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